Thursday, 31 December 2015

Day 1

Well, I've adopted a small sailboat, "Wanderer" that has been lying in a paddock for 7 years and on advice from some keen sailors I am keeping a blog to document progress on the boat and on my learning to sail her. If you're new to sailing like myself maybe there will be some tidbits of information that will be useful.

A friend dropped her off last night. She is a Monarch 17. The trailer is in pretty good nick but a little work needs doing on the boat. She's growing a fair bit of lichen, has a fair few knocks and chips, some broken fastenings and may need new sails but should not be far from seaworthy as she was being sailed went she was put out to pasture:

I'm doing a sailing course in a few weeks so have decided to wait until I've done the course before taking her out so I learn good habits from the outset. Hopefully we'll both be ready about the same time, about two months from now.

-- RJ

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